Sports Elbow

Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are similar conditions that fall under the category of repetitive use injuries. Both conditions usually involve pain and tenderness around the elbow that tends to be increased with movement and decreased with immobilization.Although the pain associated with these conditions stems from inflammation, the source of the inflammation must be addressed in order to achieve complete recovery and long-lasting benefit. The most common culprit is chronic muscular contraction, which can be brought on by overuse or as a result of a joint dysfunction. This constant “tugging” on the tendons can reduce the already poor circulation to the tendons. The tendons then become inflamed (tendonitis) and, eventually, scar tissue will form further reducing the flexibility and strength of the soft tissues.Common sense would tell you that treatment directed at the tendons and aimed at reducing the inflammation will only produce mediocre results for a short period of time. Also, given the mechanism listed above, doesn’t it also make sense that strength training would only serve to increase the strain on the tendons and further inflame the tissue?

Treatment for Golfer’s Elbow – Tennis Elbow

Just like other repetivie injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, the only effective way to recover from a problem related to tendonitis is to address the source of the strain. Chiropractic adjustments are used to correct any mechanical problems that may by associated with the joints of the elbow, wrist or shoulder. Lessening the chronic muscle tightness and spasm is achieved by chiropractors using a muscle releasing therapy — a treatment method that often provides immediate and dramatic results.

Treatment is an interactive process involving both doctor and patient, this allows us to get the best and quickest results to decrease pain, inflammation and muscle spasm.  Patients often notice improvement in their levels of pain, flexibility and strength within seconds following the treatment.


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